Franklin Marval | Artist

I have always been fascinated by nature and landscapes. They take me back to where I grew up; my childhood and teenage years. Seeds, a maize’s configuration, sorghum, crops, landlines, weeds and how the wind travels through stems and leaves fascinates me because they are what I grew up around. Colors and shapes intrigue me as they move before my eyes, creating situations similar to human behavior, events of nature and the observation of reality.
My most recent work reflects the study of sound, the similarity with positive actions and the way that it surrounds and motivates people around it.


Franklin Marval was born in San Tome, Venezuela in 1971. He holds a B.S. in Graphic Design from Escuela Superior de Diseño and studied Graphic design at the Centro Artistico Villasmil de León in Caracas, Venezuela. He lives in Boston, MA and is working as an Art Teacher in Boston Day and Evening Academy in Roxbury, MA